Single Photons at JQI

See our Book- Single-Photon Generation and Detection: Physics and Applications (Nov. 2013 Academic Press) and our review article on Single-Photon Sources and Detectors in Review of Scientific Instruments


* Single Photon: General Publications

Photon-number uncertainty in a superconducting transition edge sensor beyond resolved-photon-number determination

Z. H. Levine, B.L. Glebov, A. Migdall, T. Gerrits, B. Calkins, A. E. Lita, and S. W. Nam

JOSA B 31, B20-B24 (2014)

**BOOK**: Single-Photon Generation and Detection: Physics and Applications

A. L. Migdall, S. V. Polyakov, J. Fan, and J. C. Bienfang

Experimental Methods in the Physical Sciences, Vol. 45, Academic Press, Nov. 29 (2013) (Chapter 1 download)

Invited Review Article: Single-photon sources and detectors

M. D. Eisaman, J. Fan, A. Migdall, and S. V. Polyakov

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 071101 (2011)

Single Photon Devices and Applications (editorial for Special Issue)

S. Kück, A. L. Migdall, I. P. Degiovanni, and J. Y. Cheung

J. Mod. Opts. 59, 1455 (2012)

Algorithm for finding clusters with a known distribution and its application to photon-number resolution using a superconducting transition-edge sensor

Z. H. Levine, T. Gerrits, A. L. Migdall, D. V. Samarov, B. Calkins, A. E. Lita, and S. W. Nam

J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 29, 2066-2073 (2012)

Extending single-photon optimized superconducting transition edge sensors beyond the single-photon counting regime

T. Gerrits, B. Calkins, N. Tomlin, A. E. Lita, A. Migdall, R. Mirin, S. W. Nam

Opt. Express 20, 23798-23810 (2012)

Real-Time Data-Acquisition Platform for Pulsed Measurements

S. V. Polyakov, A. Migdall, S. W. Nam

AIP Conf. Proc. 1327, 505-519 (2011)